Cityspotting® Jyväskylä in English

This is an adventure to the most secret places and stories of your hometown!


Experience an urban adventure in Jyväskylä!

No ordinary tourist attractions, but peculiar details and hidden gems. Cityspotting® Jyväskylä offers a completely new kind of urban adventure that combines culture, nature, exercise, and urban knowledge!

At least 60 exciting spots: You'll have plenty to explore for weeks! Cityspotting® Jyväskylä will guide you to new and surprising perspectives, physical activity, secret nature hideaways, and city culture. The adventure is valid for 6 months.

Content with English subtitles. The content of Cityspotting consists of location-based videos spoken in Finnish but with English subtitles in the English version. The language of the application can be changed to English.

What is Cityspotting?

Cityspotting is an adventure in your hometown!

We will guide you to lesser-known places, show you the secret gems and tell you rather peculiar details! Cityspotting guarantees a rich package of urban knowledge, movement and beauty of nature. We promise to take you to places you haven't visited before.

There are spots all over the city; just take a look at the map image above.

How does it work?

You will receive the activation code and instruction immediately to your email. After that, you can make your first login and activation at any time within one year of purchase. Log in to our web application.

The adventure is available for 6 months from the activation.

Using Cityspotting is easy and addicting. When you open Cityspotting on your smartphone, you will see spots on the map. The spots and their location-based content (often video) will open as soon as you arrive at the site.

What kind of content do the spots contain?

On this expedition, you will encounter spots that include:

  • History, arts and architecture
  • Nature destinations and physical activities
  • Local knowledge
  • Suprises!
We accept sports and culture benefits

Easy and reliable online bank payment during the order process.

We also accept SmartumPay, MyEdenred and Epassi applications.

Please, go and find "Cityspotting" on those applications after purchasing and just do payment manually. Site doesn't open payment link for those automatically.

Video is in Finnish, but this is what you can except from your adventure

Cityspotting looks like this!


Over 100 000 spot visits!

An incredible amount of movement and amazing facts and stories even the locals haven't heard of!

Said about Cityspotting:
"I just told my husband that this is like a 'fall in love with your hometown all over again' experience for me, and the feeling of discovering a new city is absolutely the best."

Frequently asked questions

Is Cityspotting® a travel guide, mobile game, escape room or urban adventure?

It's a little bit of everything. We believe that our concept is new and unique, and therefore it doesn't quite fit into any specific category.

How many spots are there?

Cityspotting® adventures are tremendously extensive. There is enough to do for several months. Depending on the city, there are at least 60 spots. You can collect them all! We will definitely take you to places you haven't been before.

The exception is the Suomenlinna adventure, which includes 15 spots and is suitable for a weekend visit.

What kind of content do the spots have?

The spots feature content videos that provide information about the location you are currently in.

However, the content is not your typical tourist guide or Wikipedia information. It offers something more exciting or lesser-known. One spot may reveal the best-kept secret nature destination, another spot allows an exploration of ruins, and yet another spot introduces you to a lesser-known gem by a famous architect. There are also physical activities to engage in!

The content videos for the spots are spoken in Finnish and subtitled in English.

How does it work?

Cityspotting® is accessed through a smartphone.

When you open Cityspotting, you will see spots on the map. The location-based content of the spots can be accessed only when you arrive at the specific location.

As you visit the initial spots, more spots will become available. Each spot offers exciting location-specific information, stories, or tasks related to that spot's location.

Do I need to download an application?

Cityspotting® conveniently opens in your mobile device's browser, so you don't need to download another application.

Cityspotting® works on all major browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

It's important to grant permission for the website to use your location so that spot localization can be successful.

How long is the adventure valid for?

The adventure is available to you for 6 months from the date of activation. Please note that the purchase itself is not the activation, so you can activate it whenever you want!

Upon purchase, you will receive an activation code to start the adventure in our application at

If 6 months is too short for you, the application offers an extension for a full year at a cost of 15€.

Questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at We will get back to you within 24 hours.