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Welcome to explore Helsinki!

We are glad to see you here taking part in Cityspotting in Helsinki!

Cityspotting is a city adventure, where you will find beautiful places, interesting stories and exciting mysteries. There are also some great outdoor sport excercises. This is definitely the ultimate Helsinki-guide!

You will end up in new and familiar locations, and hopefully you will be outdoors many times finding something exciting. Possibly you will also think or wonder something that was not part of your day-to-day experiences before. And if you need something more physical or challenging, those things are out there too (if you can find them, of course). Part of the spots are visible and easy, and you are just there to see a great place. But only a part. 

Here are some instructions you should read – they might be handy on the way. Also, if you have headphones, you should take them with you (it might be easier to listen to some stuff on the spots).

  1. Starting

    1. Login on site https://cityspotting.seppo.io/.
      (Cityspotting works in that browser, no app download needed)

    2. Login by using this PIN-code:

    3. Give your name or nickname. Give a easy and short name for example "Ruby"

    4. Next you will get your generated player code (for example ruby8489). Please, copy or take a screenshot of that code. You will login by using that later (no additional password needed)

    5. If you somehow lost your player code, you can just go and make new one!

    6. This login code is personal. Don't give it away, please.
      (Multiple logins with the same code will cause the use to seize).

      Your username is valid till end of year 2021


  1. The spots

    1. You will see your possible options on a map.

      1. A tip: The content or an assignment will only open on the spot. This means you will need to go to that exact location.

    2. Different spots have different icons. We recommend that you pay some attention to this.

      1. A tip: Star-icons stand for physical activities.

    3. The spots are named with a code and a word, ie. “5V57+JW (Myllykallio)”

      1. A tip: The code part has a meaning, to which you should pay some attention. Put the code part to Google Map and search.

    4. Always ask to the question of the application, if it is possible, ie. "I found the place".

    5. On a content video, switch english subtitles ON, if it's not already.
  1. Transport

    1. Avoid using cars.  

    2. Avoid using public transport or at least minimize the use of public transport.

    3. Put preference on bicycle or travelling by foot. If you use a bicycle, always wear a helmet.


  1. On the spot

    1. Always check the accuracy of the instructions and the spot location; sometimes situations change. For example there might be a road construction and the spot can't be visited.

    2. Act always upon the law and in a safe manner.

    3. Let us know if the instructions or the spot location is not accurate. Our e-mail is: info@cityspotting.fi.

    4. Let us know of other surprising or worrisome events if necessary.

    5. In an emergency call to an emergency number. 


  1. Social media

    1. You are allowed to communicate with other participants and share your experiences as you like, for example in Facebook or Instagram. Please don't spoil!

    2. We use a Facebook tag @cityspotting and an Instagram account @thecityspotting and tag #thecityspotting. Tag us, we are happy to share your experiences.


  1. For your trips

    1. Our goal is that you get meaningful experiences about nature, your close environment and physical activities which are then bound to society, feelings, learning, knowledge and some meta skills.

    2. Hey, good luck in your adventures!

Best regards, 

Mikko and Sami
Cityspotting team

Mikä Cityspotting®?

Kun avaat Cityspottingin® mobiililaitteellasi, näet kartalla spotteja! Spotin sisältö avautuu, kun menet paikalle.

Seikkailuissa on paljon eri tasoja. Tasot, videot ja palkinnot avautuvat, kun käyt spoteilla.

Spotilla avautuva video ja muu sisältö liittyy juuri kyseiseen paikkaan. Kuulet tarinoita ja löydät paikkoja, joista et tiennytkään.