Help with the location settings

On this page, we have compiled the most common help needs for location settings in your smartphone when using Cityspotting.

Location is on

You will recognize that the location function is on when:

  • The symbol in the upper right corner is light blue
  • You will also see a blue ball on the map that shows your location.

Location is off

Location is off when:

  • The symbol in the upper right corner is gray with a red line over it.

Try the following to fix it:

  1. Log out of the service and close the browser.
  2. Restart and wait for the browser to automatically ask for permission to share the location on the page
  3. If your browser settings prevent location sharing, you can try to fix it in the browser settings.

What to do if the location is not precise?

If the location is not precise, we recommend making sure your browser has permission to use the precise location. You can find these location settings in the main settings of your phone in the Settings menu.

If you update the settings, the browser may require a restart to work.

If the above does not help, the fastest way to solve the situation is to download another web browser for free from the app store.

Android user
If Chrome or your phone's standard browser does not work, we recommend downloading the Firefox or Edge browser from the Play-Store.

Apple iPhone user

If the iPhone's default browser Safari or another browser does not work, we recommend downloading the Chrome or Firefox browser from the AppStore.

Do you need help?

Sorry if the instructions didn't help. We would like to help better. We ask that you send a support request to our team by using this form.