Cityspotting® instructions


We are glad you are ready to take part in Cityspotting in your city!

You will end up in new and familiar locations, and hopefully you will be outdoors many times finding something exciting. Possibly you will also think or wonder something that was not part of your day-to-day experiences before. And if you need something more physical or challenging, those things are out there too (if you can find them, of course). Part of the spots are visible and easy, and you are just there to see a great place. But only a part. 

Here are some instructions you should read – they might be handy on the way!


a. Cityspotting works in your browser. You don't need to download a separate application. Recommended browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge (latest and updated versions).

b. Create a user account on the website and log in.

c. Activate the adventure with an activation code (e.g., "CITY123456").

d. Grant permission for your mobile device and browser to use your location information.

TIP: At this stage, make sure you see yourself as a blue dot on the map in the correct location.


a. Possible options are visible on the map. The content or task opens only when you are physically present at the location. So, you need to go to that particular place.

There are also a few spots in the adventures that you can open from anywhere; they are immediately visible in orange.

b. Different spots have different icons on the map. The icons serve as a hint, but the same icon does not necessarily mean the same type of content. In addition to the icon, the spot has a description of its theme, such as "Nature."

c. Spots are named with a clue word, such as "Secret bunker". The clue word is not intended to reveal too much, but sometimes it can give you an idea of what it's about.

d. Always respond to the question presented at the spot if possible. For example, "I found the place." Remember to also click the "Complete Spot" button to register your visit to the spot.

e. If possible, bring headphones. Often, you will need to listen to something when you arrive at a spot.


a. Avoid using private cars.

b. Prefer biking or walking. If cycling, wear a helmet.

c. The app does not provide detailed directions or exact coordinates. You can use a navigation app if you wish. Cityspotting does not need to be open while you are moving.


a. Always check the accuracy of the instructions and spot information; situations may vary. For example, a spot might be affected by roadworks, making it inaccessible.

b. Always act lawfully and safely.

c. Inform us if any instructions or locations are inaccurate, or if the information is not up to date or appropriate. Our email is, or you can write a message through the contact form.

d. Also, notify us of any other unexpected events as necessary.

e. In case of an emergency, dial 112.


a. You can communicate with other adventurers or share your experiences in any way you prefer, such as on Facebook or Instagram. Just avoid spoiling the experience for others!

b. We have a Facebook page @cityspotting and an Instagram account @thecityspotting, with the tag #thecityspotting. Tag us, and we'll be happy to share your experiences.


And hey, good luck on your exploration journey!


Best regards

Cityspotting team, Sami, Mikko and Tiina