What is Cityspotting?

Cityspotting is a completely new city, nature and sports concept, in which the user gets to live and participate the different sides of his/her city alone or together with others. Cityspotting guarantees an enormous amount of knowledge, natural beauty and adventure and surely takes you to places to which you haven't been before. There will be also some mysteries and hidden secrets of the city.

The spots in Cityspotting are not your average tourist sites. The user rather looks behind the corner and finds something completely new.  The Cityspotting experience is divided on different levels, and the spots only open only if you are actually on the spot. The further you go, the more the concept grasps you. 

You will only need a smartphone with an internet connection. You can sign in on any mobile web browser. 

Order your Cityspotting experience immediately, and go explore! Warning – might cause mild forms of addiction! 

How to use it? 

Easy and addictive. When you open Cityspotting in a smartphone, you will see spots on a map. The spots and site-specific information included to them opens immediately, when you arrive to the spot. You can't get lost - the service works with gps tracking. On one spot you jump from one big stone to another on a seashore, on another spot you explore old ruins and on a third spot you will get to know something surprising about a world-renowned architect. There are also athletic spots! But you are the one who gets to choose the direction. 

The Cityspotting spots are divided on multiple levels. The further you advance, the more spots will be opened. The site-specific content is related to nature, sports, senses, culture, city knowledge and very often to hidden details. 

Our story (until now...)

It must be considered a clear sign, if you wake up from your dream with a very definite idea of how this thing should be organized. 

This happened on a Sunday morning in April 2020, when the creator of Cityspotting, Mikko, put all his old future plans aside and started working on a new concept. 

After only two weeks a pilot group 25 strong was on an adventure all around Helsinki. Many thanks to this group for creating such an excitement around Cityspotting: The pilot group was supposed stop the trial after a month, but the pilots refused to quit. So we still proceed with these pilots helsinkispotting around. 

In May 2020 Fennoscandic Simulation Systems Inc. was founded. Can you figure out which book we use as our orientation guide for new employees? 

More will follow!