What is Cityspotting?

Cityspotting is completely new city, nature and sports concept. Cityspotting guarantees a full package of city knowledge, adventure and environmental beauty, and takes you surely to places where you haven't been before. 

Cityspotting is gamified and partly dramatized, for which it causes a positive change in user's relationships to sports and hometown. Multisensory and also artistic content is included, and the user will also learn of the temporal-spatial layers of his/her location.

  • Price: 36 € (inc. taxes.). Shipping costs 0 €. There are no new purchases in the application.
  • Payment methods: Easy and reliable internet bank payment when ordering. Also Smartum-, Edenred- and Eazybreak-application.
  • Quick service: When you make the order, we will create you a user code and send it to your e-mail within the same working day. You can use the service until 31.12.2021.
  • Guaranteed new exciting locations: Helsinkispotting will guide you to new, surprising views, sports assignments, secret forest hideouts and seafronts.  

How to use it?

Easy and addictive. When you open Cityspotting in a smartphone, you will see spots on a map. The spots and site-specific information included to them opens immediately, when you arrive to the spot. You can't get lost - the service works with gps tracking. 

The spots

On one spot you jump from one big stone to another on a seashore, on another spot you explore old ruins and on a third spot you will get to know something surprising about a world-renowned architect. There are also athletic spots! But you are the one who gets to choose the direction.


The spots in Cityspotting are not your average tourist sites. The user rather looks behind the corner and finds something completely new. The Cityspotting experience is divided on different levels, and the spots only open only if you are actually on the spot. The further you go, the more the concept grasps you. There is a massive amount of spots in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. 

Cityspotting user experiences 

"Who is this for? For everyone who is interested in outdoors, beautiful locations, nature, getting to move in a nice way, games, city history and ie. getting some knowledge while doing all this!"

"The best thing is that you don't know what will come next. The content is done in a nice way with appreciation towards the subjects."

"In my case this has only taken me away from the time used in front of a screen."